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Sub Zero repair and maintenance program

Forced air refrigerators or built-in refrigeration units need to have their condenser coils cleaned at least twice a year.
In fact, if you have pets you may want to clean them even more often than that! The reason is because as dust and dander
gathers in and around the coils, it prevents the condenser from working properly. The refrigerator is now working twice as hard to keep your
food cold, and as such, your electric bill is paying the price-or rather, you are!

Sub Zero recommends that your condenser coil gets cleaned every six months as recommended in your owner’s manual. Dust and lint builds up on the condenser over time and can cause damage to the compressor by making it work harder to keep your refrigerator cool. All Stars Appliance encourages you to do this yourself, or should you require assistance please call us to book a short service appointment.

You could sign up on our Sub Zero repair and maintenance program (Get 10% OFF on Labor). We’ll call you every 6 month to remind it’s time for service. It will keep you Sub Zero refrigerator in good shape as long as¬†possible.

Call us for Sub Zero repair and refrigeration condenser cleaning service and Sub Zero freezer/ refrigerator routine maintenance:

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